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Hangzhou Dianzi University  (Undergraduate)      Information Security      2012.9-2016.6
Hangzhou Dianzi University  (Master Graduate)      Information Security      2017.9-*


Department of online mall in Meizu Telecom Equipment Co., Ltd. - R & D engineers 2015.9-2016.3
The main task is to develop a Meizu online shoping system, with high availability, and preventing malicious traffic attacks.


My name is homeway, I’m currently a graduate student studying at School of cybersecurity, in Hangzhou Dianzi University (HDU).

I used to addict to high available in website development, and keened on in Hackthon. I call myself geek and love to develop a lot of gadgets to solve problems in life and enjoy problem-solving.

I’m currently mainly concern with machine learning and multimedia digital forensics, familiar with Convolution Neural Networks(CNN), and learn about Generative Adversarial Network(GAN), interest in common machine learning algorithms.


Robust Multi-classifier for Camera Model Identification based on Convolution Neural Network [Paper, Code]

Hongwei Yao, Tong Qiao, Ming Xu, and Ning Zheng
IEEE Access (SCI-2)
May 2018

Image Tampering Detection and Localization via Reliablity Fusing Map (In progress)[Code]

Hongwei Yao, Ming Xu, Tong Qiao, et al.
Nov 2018

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